11 January 2021

How to sell on Amazon

 If you want to sell on Amazon and reach millions of customers around the world, this guide will explain to you; step by step; how to become a merchant on Amazon and make the profits you dream of.
 The first and most important step is choosing the right market for your products, so determining the platform, whether it is Amazon UAE, Amazon Saudi Arabia or even Amazon US, is a critical decision and should be taken based on analyzing the data of these platforms.

 In Amzarabia, we provide you with all the necessary information to decide which platform is the most profitable for your products by applying advanced data analytics tools and experts who specialize in selling on Amazon and other electronic platforms such as eBay and Etsy.

 The second step is to open a seller account on Amazon, which is an important step as the procedures and requirements of each platform differ from the other, for example selling on Amazon UAE dictates that orders must be fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)and does not allow the merchant to ship directly to customers (FBM), unlike what is followed in selling on Amazon America or selling on Amazon UK.

The third step, which is managing the account or the online store, from receiving orders until they reach the customer, after-sales service, and requests for return and exchange. One of the most important features that distinguishes Amazon is its extreme protection of its customers and their rights, and accordingly, managing the account professionally to satisfy Amazon's customers and improve the ranking of the account according to the customers’ ratings.
The next step, which may represent the most important factor in the “selling on Amazon” equation, is the listing of your products on the platform. So that the titles, description, and pictures comply with the Amazon standards and at the same time in a unique and attractive way that reflects the quality of the product and its features.
Creating a suitable plan for fulfilling purchase orders is your next step to become a successful Amazon seller. Choosing the method of shipping and storage is one of the most important points that must consider delivery time, service quality and cost to be able to compete on the Amazon platforms.
Then comes determining the pricing plan and evaluating the competitors on the different platforms, taking into consideration that the price of the product plus shipping costs and fees on Amazon UAE or Amazon Saudi Arabia is totally different if you want to sell on Amazon US or Amazon France, for example.
The last and most important step is choosing an advertising and marketing plan. 
If you want to achieve real profits, investing in the right ads and marketing plan to continuously attract customers, increasing traffic, and enhancing your conversions is your strategic decision achieve profitability and growth on Amazon platforms.